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06 June 2022

BPCA launches 3D assessment on World Pest Day 2022


Today on World Pest Day 2022, we're launching a virtual competency assessment for rodent control, to help newly qualified pest technicians prove they can put their knowledge and skills into practice.

BPCA’s TechAssure is a digital learning environment which allows:

  • Pest professionals to demonstrate their competence
  • Trainees to put the theory into practice and
  • Pest management companies the potential for practical assessments during recruitment.

With the support of members and significant funding from the Ufi VocTech Fund, TechAssure uses photo-realistic, three-dimensional environments to test if technicians can complete a treatment safely and effectively. 

BPCA Training and Development Manager, Karen Dawes said:

“Imagine a learner driver takes their theory test and is immediately allowed to drive, unsupervised, on UK roads and motorways. Unthinkable, right? 

“Isn’t that what is happening in pest control? A trainee pest controller passes a written examination and is immediately allowed to use dangerous chemicals unsupervised where people live, work and play. 

“A written assessment doesn’t test whether a candidate has the skills to carry out pest management”. 

A new way to test competence 

Many companies will have sign-off processes and supervised training programmes in house. However, smaller companies and new entrants into the sector are unlikely to have the same level of resources. 

With TechAssure, candidates:

  • Explore two real environments with pest-issues
  • Find evidence of an infestation and identify the pest or pests
  • Choose a treatment option from a toolkit of pest control products
  • Implement your treatments in positions where they will be most safe and effective 
  • Inform the customer of any recommendations to prevent any re-occurrence.

Imagine a learner driver takes their theory test and is immediately allowed to drive, unsupervised, on UK roads and motorways. Unthinkable, right? 

Karen Dawes, BPCA Training and Development Manager

They do this all safely from behind a computer screen, at a time and location that suits them (and their employer).

When learners pass the assessment, they will receive a BPCA Competency in Rodent Management certificate. 

BPCA Chief Executive, Ian Andrew, said:

“We’ve been doing a lot of work here in the UK around the area of competency.

"Whenever there’s a pest problem, it’s a distressing time. People want it to be dealt with as professionally as possible.

"This World Pest Day and beyond, TechAssure will help assure customers that our members’ technicians are as competent as they can be.”

Karen continued:

“I couldn’t be prouder of the work that has taken place on this project. 

“This assessment has been developed by pest professionals for pest professionals. Through the project group of member volunteers, we had access to the highest level of expertise and experience in the sector.  

“I believe that TechAssure, in its pilot phase, will benefit so many learners by giving them confidence in their ability to carry out safe and effective pest control. 

“It’ll help employers direct training resources where it’s needed. It will reassure clients that the professionalism of their pest control contractors is demonstrable at all levels. 

“And this is just the beginning. 

“This is a pilot project, and if successful, we can add more environments, more pest species, and increased levels of complexity if we can find the right partners”.

Find out more or book an assessment 

TechAssure is ready for its first candidates! Contact BPCA today to get started or find out more.
01332 225 114 

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