Our Codes of Best Practice outline the responsibilities and correct practices that members are expected to adhere to. Our Codes are subject to regular review by the BPCA Servicing Committee or are dictated by changes to legislation.

The Codes of Best Practice are publicly available, allowing you to see the standards BPCA members work to. Find out more about BPCA and why you should use a BPCA member here or check your pest control company is a member here.

BPCA Codes of Best Practice are regularly reviewed for accuracy. If you spot something that you believe to be factually incorrect or out of date please report to technical@bpca.org.uk

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BPCA makes strenuous efforts to ensure the accuracy and current relevance of its publications, which are intended for use by technically competent persons.

However, this does not remove the need for technical and managerial judgement in practical situations. Nor do they confer any immunity or exemption from relevant legal requirements, including by-laws.

If you suspect something in this document is incorrect or out of date, please report it to technical@bpca.org.uk so we can review it.