Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for pest management professionals

Pest management Continuing Professional Development (CPD) describes the learning activities that pest professionals engage in to develop and improve their skills, knowledge and competency throughout their careers.

CPD does not replace the need for training or formal qualifications. However, it does demonstrate an individual’s commitment to best practice, professionalism and lifelong learning. CPD is a great way to stay up-to-date with legislation changes, best practice and key changes within the industry.

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We believe that every professional pest controller has a responsibility to keep knowledge and skills current so that they can deliver a high-quality service that meets the expectations of customers and of the profession.

For this reason:

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What CPD do pest controllers have to do?

CPD can be a combination of different types of learning such as training workshops, conferences and events, e-learning programmes, best practice techniques and on-the-job learning such as technical support or ideas sharing.

All of these activities are focussed around an individual improving and developing themselves professionally.

What type of CPD can I do?

There are three main types of CPD:

Structured CPD

involves interactive and participation-based study. It typically includes attending training courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, or taking online learning courses.

Reflective CPD

is more one-directional and doesn’t involve any participation-based interaction. Examples would include reading relevant news articles, podcasts, case studies and industry updates.

Self-Directed CPD

refers to all unaccompanied CPD activities. It covers on-the-job learning, reading of documents, articles and publications. Any research projects you undertake or training development work you prepare would all come under this category.

CPD is important because it ensures that pest management professionals continue to be competent in their role.

The ultimate outcome of well-planned and applied CPD is that it safeguards the public, the employer and the professional’s career.

Do pest controllers need CPD?

For full BPCA Servicing members, all staff involved in the eradication and control of pest species must be members of a recognised CPD scheme.

BPCA members are eligible to use BPCA Registered, the Association’s own individual recognition and CPD scheme. Alternative CPD schemes are available. Contact the BPCA membership team to find out which CPD schemes are accepted.

What is BPCA Registered?

BPCA Registered is the Association’s bespoke CPD scheme for member employees that enables them to easily evidence their qualifications and continual development and demonstrate their commitment to professionalism.

The scheme encourages individuals to take control of their own CPD, providing a one-stop-shop for a wide range of CPD activities from formal training and online learning to self-learning accomplishments such as assignments, research projects and magazine articles.

BPCA Registered Cards

BPCA Registered also recognises that on-the-job learning is a valuable CPD resource and by detailing what you have learned and how you’ve applied it your role, this can also be counted towards your CPD requirement.

Having our technicians recognised as BPCA Registered Technicians is great motivation for them and, as the scheme develops, will encourage our team to achieve higher qualifications. I think the ID card will also give our customers added assurance that they are in safe hands.

David Lodge, Beaver Pest 

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How do you get CPD points?

CPD isn't a reflection of attendance on training courses or regional meetings. Any activity that can be defined as personal development whether maintaining, improving or broadening the knowledge or skills necessary for the execution of your daily work could be incorporated into your CPD record.

You can also earn CPD points through a variety of opportunities and activities delivered by BPCA.

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Attending Regional Events

BPCA Regional Forums are completely free to visit for anyone from a member organisation or on our Affiliate scheme. The events are an opportunity to network with like-minded professionals in your area, learn the latest happenings in your industry, meet some of the BPCA team and represents a key opportunity to attain those all important CPD learning hours. You even get a free breakfast out of it.

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Passing any of our free online CPD quizzes available

We have loads of quizzes available to take through our online learning portal to prove your continual learning. You can take them at any time, and all you need is an internet browser to participate. You can get free access to the online learning portal and CPD quizzes by signing up to the free BPCA Affiliate Scheme.

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Who is BPCA Traing for

Attending training programmes

Most industry training programmes have CPD hours available (this does not include exams). Training courses are a fantastic way to improve your knowledge, develop your career and add qualifications to your BPCA Registered Qualification record through a traditional, structured route. BPCA training programmes are taught by industry experts and are available for all pest management professionals, regardless of where you are in your career.

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Visiting PestEx, PPC Live or other specialist pest control events

We host an exhibition at least once a year. BPCA Registered employees that attend either PestEx or PPC Live will be able to claim CPD hours for seminars, special demonstrations and other related activities. BPCA exhibitions are an excellent way to network, learn about new products and stay up-to-date with what's new in pest management.

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CPD points for reading PPC magazine

Reading Professional Pest Control Magazines

The Pest Management industry has a number of publications, all of which represent routes to attain CPD hours. PPC Magazine is the voice of BPCA, and its members. We pack it full of industry news, best practice features and practical advice for technicians and business owners. PPC Magazine is available to anyone registered on our free Affiliate Scheme, and each issue includes a CPD quiz, which once completed, will be added to your BPCA Registered CPD record.

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Remember, It's not just BPCA that offer CPD opportunities, many training organisations, distributors and other companies also offer the chance to earn CPD hours.