Domestic Pest Advice and Support from BPCA


Why do we control pests?


Pests have the potential to:

  • Contaminate homes and workplaces, spreading disease
  • Damage pocessions and get into your foodstuffs
  • Damage property, causing fires and flooding

So if you have a pest problem it is essential you take action to deal with it.

Prevent contamination and disease

Insects, rodents and birds can easily contaminate food and work surfaces with their excreta, hairs or body parts. These are potential pathogens that spread disease. Parasites carried by pest species can also be passed on to humans causing illness and stress.

If you followed a fly for a day, you wouldn’t want to eat for a week

Advice and support for your pest problems


A to Z of pests

Our A to Z of pests is a catalogue of the most common public health pests, designed to assist you in identifying your pest, understanding their behaviour, and advise you on effective preventative and control measures.

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House of Pests

House of Pests

Want to witness first hand the benefit of a visit from a professional?

Our 'pest controller' will take you around our House of Pests and point out where the most common pests are found in UK domestic properties. Should you need more information, you can click straight to a relevent pest advice page, and learn about how to prevent infestations occuring, and/or resolve if the issue has gone too far.

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PestAware - the pest advice blog

PestAware the pest advice blog

PestAware is our end-user blog for all things public health pest control related. It's updated regularly and created by the experts in the pest control industry. 

Pest advice blog - PestAware


Find your local professional

If you have a pest problem, then we would recommend using a local professional pest controller, to identify the pest, provide treatment advice and eradicate the problem in a safe and effective manner.

As in any trade, there are some rogues operating, and it's no different in pest control. To help you find a local, trusted, qualified and professional pest control company that is a member of the British Pest Control Association we would recommend using our find a pest controller search.

A BPCA member will:

  • Adhere to our industry Codes of Best Practice
  • Include detailed advice on pest prevention measures
  • Provide comprehensive reporting systems covering all treatment aspects
  • Meet legal and ‘due diligence’ requirements, comply with legislation and avoid possible prosecution
  • Be safe, ensuring staff, customers and members of the public are protected through RISK and COSHH assessments
  • Be carried out by a suitably trained and qualified expert committed to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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BSI pest management consumer leaflet

BSI has now published their pest management Consumer Leaflet, which is free to download and distribute. 

BSI Pest Management consumer leaflet