BPCA Registered | Individual recognition scheme for skills, qualifications and CPD

Join the CPD scheme specifically designed for pest professionals

In the past, BPCA existed solely to support companies working in pest management.

After lots of feedback from members, we now recognise the individual contributions of staff members. We do this through our CPD scheme, BPCA Registered.

BPCA Registered recognises and records the qualifications and skills you earn throughout your career.

BPCA Registered The British Pest Control Association individual recognition scheme for skills qualifications and CPD

By being a part of BPCA Registered you’ll get a BPCA Registered card. The card proves your commitment to professionalism and continued development to your clients.

Having our technicians recognised as BPCA Registered Technicians is great motivation for them and, as the scheme develops, will encourage our team to achieve higher qualifications. I think the ID card will also give our customers added assurance that they are in safe hands.

David Lodge, Beaver Pest Control

BPCA Registered is currently only available to employees of BPCA member companies.

A scheme that grows as you do

As your career advances, so does your CPD scheme.

Upgrade your BPCA Registered card to reflect your current qualifications and accreditations. 

Here's a full list of all the cards and the qualifications you need to carry them:

bpca cards BPCA Registered Affiliate 
You will receive this card if you are non-technical staff registered with the scheme.
bpca cards 2 BPCA Registered Trainee 
You will receive this card if you are in a technical role but have not yet achieved the Level 2 Award in Pest Management.
bpca cards 3 BPCA Registered Bird Specialist
You will receive this card for if you are in a technical role ONLY carrying out bird control activities and have achieved a minimum of the BPCA Certificate in Bird Management accreditation.
bpca cards 4 BPCA Registered Technician
You will receive this card if you are in a technical role and have achieved one of the following qualifications:
  • Level 2 Award in Pest Management (or equivalent)
  • Level 2 Certificate in Pest Management
  • BPC Diploma Part 1 (previously BPC Diploma)
  • Level 2 Certificate in Pest Control.
bpca cards 5 BPCA Registered Fumigation Specialist
You will receive this card if you are in a technical role ONLY carrying out fumigations and have achieved a minimum of the Level 3 Award in Safe Use of Fumigants for Invertebrate Pests. This will include the mandatory Unit 1 and at least one other additional unit.
bpca cards 6 BPCA Registered Advanced Technician
You will receive this card if you are in a technical role and have achieved either:
bpca cards 7 BPCA Registered Technical Inspector
You will receive this card if you are in a technical role and have passed the BPCA accredited Certificated Technical Inspector examination.
bpca cards 8 BPCA Registered Biologist
You will receive this card if you are in a technical role and have passed the BPCA accredited Certificated Field Biologist examination.
bpca cards 9 BPCA Registered Master Technician 
This card is awarded by application only. You must evidence, among other criteria, that you are highly qualified, have been influential in supporting the industry and have driven professionalism across the sector. 

On the back, list your most important qualifications to show clients that you’re serious about professional excellence.

Add your Qualifications to the back of your BPCA Registered Card CPD scheme

I’m going to be a BPCA Registered Technician – and I intend to tell our customers that every day. I worked hard for my qualifications, and I genuinely seek out practical CPD opportunities to push myself. Now I’ll have a way of proving this to our clients.

James Duncan, Pest Solutions

Independently verified CPD scheme


Independent auditors assessed BPCA Registered to the CPD Certification Service’s stringent quality processes, making it the only scheme in the sector to achieve this standard.

BPCA Registered sits alongside other CPD providers that also hold the accreditation, such as Oxford University, the Football Association (FA), the Carbon Trust and the Royal Air Force.

The latest technology

BPCA Registered gives you:

  • An online CPD diary for recording your learning
  • Digital versions of your ID card available on your phone
  • Completed CPD resources automatically added to your diary.

BPCA Registered uses the latest technology CPD for Pest Control 2

Continuing professional development (CPD) your way

Your CPD isn’t limited to formal training and attending events or seminars. Much of a technician’s development comes from experience learned on the job.

BPCA Registered recognises unstructured learning. This means that whether it’s informal training in the field, reading a magazine or watching a seminar on-demand, you can record this activity in your CPD diary.

Examples of acceptable CPD
Formal on-the-job training Informal on-the-job training
Classroom training Mentoring and coaching 
Remote online training Technical videos 
Online learning Technical advice and support 
Webinars Technical publications and research 
Online CPD Quizzes Toolbox talks 
Forums Podcasts
Event seminars  

The BPCA Registered website allows you (or your employer) to record unstructured CPD points...

Registering unstructured CPD

CPD category split

No matter which category of BPCA Registered you’re in, you’ll need to register at least 20 CPD points covering a variety of areas every year.

For BPCA membership criteria, you must complete your 20 CPD points for your employer to stay a BPCA member.

Here to help BPCA Registered

And if you get stuck?

Our dedicated training and education team will be at the end of the phone to help you keep learning and reach your points target for the year.

Want to join BPCA Registered?

Is your company already a member?

All full BPCA members can apply for their staff to be on the BPCA Registered individual recognition scheme. Contact our BPCA Registered team now and find out how you get involved.

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Not a member yet?

BPCA Registered is a member-only benefit. Your company can apply for full membership with BPCA and then choose to take part in BPCA Registered.

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