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Why train with BPCA?


  1. An extensive range of programmes to suit each job role and experience from beginners to beyond
  2. Delivery methods to suit your preferred learning, whether that be in the classroom, online or blended
  3. We have engaging and professional tutors who are real experts in the industry
  4. A regionalised schedule of programmes accessible all year round
  5. We offer the established industry qualifications

And most importantly, we're impartial and commercially independent - we won't waste your time with a sales pitch!


BPCA is committed to developing an industry filled with professional companies who are up-to-date with their best practice and know how to do the job right. It's important to note BPCA is entirely independent, and we're not trying to sell you particular products or services - our support is given to make you a professional, not to make you a customer.

Paul Rodman, BPCA President (2016/17)

Who is BPCA Traing for

Who is BPCA Training for?

  1. Professional pest control technicians
  2. Managers and business owners
  3. Administrators and support staff
  4. Sales and marketing professionals
  5. Other key stakeholders with a desire to learn

What are Plus+ Programmes?

Plus+ Programmes are designed to add significant value to the pest control community, and to the development of individuals through the pathway. Plus programmes build on the range of pest control courses to offer professionals and organisations the chance to build knowledge, skills and experience to become more successful in the pest control industry.

What our learners have to say...

The course was excellent and I thought the information provided throughout was first class.

David Stainton, Xeric Systems

An amazing learning experience which I feel fortunate to have taken part in. Such an intelligent and psychologically subtle way to be encouraged to absorb information.

Peter Antrobus, Hill Farm Pest Control

The course last week was excellent, and the tutor was very good. I look forward to receiving the results.

John R Corsan , Wessex Agri

Thank you to all that helped me last week, you were fantastic and made a great team. In particular, I liked the training methods of the tutors. Now, to the exam!

Ian Boxall, self-employed

The programme was excellent. The great resources and excellent delivery by the tutors really put the fun back into learning for me. The tutors put everyone in the team at ease and built our confidence in what can sometimes be a daunting situation. There was fantastic teamwork and support from everyone involved.

April Pearson, Shetland Islands Council

Pest control training and education resources from BPCA

memcom online learning award winners bpca

Award-winning online learning portal

Online learning offers you a flexible approach to pest control training. Several of our award-winning online pest management courses are available to study at work or home using an internet browser. They include:

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British Pest Management Manual (BPM)

British Pest Management Manual

The BPM Manual, available in A4 and A5, is an extensive reference manual for the management of pests in the UK and is regarded as the key reference manual for the British pest control industry.

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Starting out in pest control?

Are you new to pest control and not sure where to start? We can help you choose the training programmes and qualifications you need.

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Got a question about training programmes or pathway?

Not sure which training programme is right for you? Call our dedicated training team for help selecting the right programme for you or fill out our online enquiry form.

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