Probationary Scheme

Our Probationary Scheme allows you access to the help and information necessary to develop high standards of service, and therefore be able to become a full member. As a probationer, once your company can demonstrate that it meets the full membership criteria, you can upgrade and start receiving the wide range of benefits full membership provides.

The Probationary Scheme is designed to support servicing companies working in the pest control industry who are not yet able to meet the criteria for full Servicing Membership.


What you'll get

Joining the Probationary Scheme will give you access to a number of BPCA Membership Benefits including:

  • Member rates on training courses, seminars, conferences, advertising and examinations
  • Professional Pest Controller and other Association mailings
  • Technical and legal advisory services
  • Access to the BPCA members website
  • Access to CPD materials
  • Access to post jobs on the BPCA jobs board
  • Regular communications with articles of interest, latest industry information and news

And much more...

All Member Benefits

What's the difference between the Probationary Scheme and Full Servicing Membership?

Full BPCA Membership is reserved for those companies which have already demonstrated that they can fulfil the criteria set by the Association. Probationers, therefore:

  • will not be able to use the Association's logo
  • will not be able to claim membership of the Association
  • will not be listed on the consumer search or appear in any member listings
  • will not be able to vote or sit on the Executive or as a regular member of the Association's standing committees.

The Probationary Scheme is only open to companies and organisations actively involved in pest control in the UK and can only last a maximum of two years (renewable annually), during which time probationers will be encouraged to develop to the point where they gain full membership status.

Any outstanding portion of the annual probationary subscription will be credited towards your full membership subscription. After a period of two years, your probationary status will lapse.


How do I join the Probationary Scheme?

To join the Scheme, all you have to do is complete the application form and send it back to us along with the probationary fee of £240 (includes VAT).

Further support

If you need any further assistance or would like to know more about membership and joining the Probationary Scheme, please contact our Membership Officer Rachel on or 01332 225 112.

Ready to apply for Probationary Scheme?

When you're ready to apply, download the application form, fill it out and send it to

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