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Want to understand what pest control is all about and take your first steps into the pest management industry? Take our online introductory Foundation Certificate in Pest Management (FCPM) programme.

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What does a pest controller do?

Pest management is a fascinating and broad field of work, but simply speaking, a pest control technicians identifies, controls and eliminates pests or vermin.

This will normally involve:

  • Advising customers on preventative measures and suitable methods of control
  • Inspecting customer premises on a routinely and reporting on the status of pest infestation
  • Organising and undertaking a programme of treatments using pest control equipment or chemicals to control and eliminate target pests
  • Reporting on all inspections, detailing the programme of treatments and the chemicals used on the premises to maintain health and safety

What training do I need? 

British Pest Control Association is committed to developing an industry filled with professional companies who are up-to-date with their best practice and know how to do the job right. It's important to note BPCA is entirely independent, and we're not trying to sell you particular products or services - our support is given to make you a professional, not to make you a customer.

Paul Rodman, BPCA President (2016/17)
learning something about pest control starting out

We recommend you have a basic knowledge in pest control before joining the industry. You can learn about the basics by studying the Foundation Certificate in Pest Management.

If you are going to work for another company then in most cases training and formal qualifications will be provided through your employer. However, if you're looking to start out on your own, and will be involved in the application of pesticides, you will need to be able to demonstrate that you and your employees are adequately trained and competent to buy and use professional grade products and equipment.

The industry standard recognised entry level qualification is the General Pest Control (GPC) - Level 2 Pest Management. This programme provides the theoretical underpinning knowledge needed to carry out pest control. In addition to this programme of study, you would benefit from attending the practical courses for trapping and insecticide application.

As well being an accredited exam and training centre for the General Pest Control (GPC) - Level 2 Pest Management, BPCA also runs a variety of other training courses to help you get started in the industry, these include:

We deliver training courses that enable you to specialise in specific pest control areas, such as Bird Management, Fumigation and Bed Bugs to name a few.

Find out more about all our training programmes and the BPCA Training Pathway.

Training Pathway

Starting your own business?

Through our Probationary Scheme, we can help get your business set up properly from day one. We can give you access to a variety of technical and business support, discounts on our training courses, and personal one-to-one advice designed to get your company into profit while doing the job right.

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starting out pest control isurance from bradshaw and bennett

Pest Control Insurance

If you're setting up a pest control company, then you'll need to ensure you are fully insured before you do any work.

Our insurance partner Bradshaw Bennett understand the industry and can provide tailored insurance to suit the risks you face. They have been arranging specialist insurance for pest control businesses for over 30 years.

Their insurance expertise is coupled with a commitment to providing you with the best level of service. Bradshaw Bennett understands that the pest control industry is a diverse job where you can face many different situations. Working with chemicals and firearms means that you can face a unique set of risks, and even in the best-regulated companies - accidents do happen. It's important to know that your insurance will protect you, your employees and your business.

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Looking for a job in Pest Management?

If you're looking to work for someone as opposed to starting out on your own, then we'd recommend you try looking at the BPCA jobs board.

With new jobs added every day, you'll be sure to find the right one for you.

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